Dr. Lambert is a communication expert and medical researcher with over 10 years experience discovering the social, attitudinal, and environmental factors of health by engaging with hundreds of thousands of patients via innovative channels and methodologies. As an associate professor in the Department of Biostatistics and Health Data Sciences at Indiana University School of Medicine, Dr. Lambert researches the symptomatology and health impacts of long covid (also called PASC). Her research is focused on understanding patients’ experiences with chronic disease, and she does this by collaborating with patient groups and engaging with patients in online spaces. Dr. Lambert uses computational analytics and her health communication expertise to create research-based, innovative patient engagement strategies.


Current Projects Include:

  • Conducting COVID-19 research by engaging with covid survivors in Survivor Corps, a patient advocacy group with 170,000+ members
  • Characterization of long covid sequelae and health impacts
  • Creation of models explaining factors related to patient dissatisfaction while seeking medical care
  • Capture of weight loss and exercise behavior change “pivots” via analysis of successful behavior change narratives in peer-to-peer online spaces
  • Identification of communication factors that predict successful peer support in a peer support platform for adolescents experiencing maltreatment
  • Identification of the best algorithms for topic modeling of unstructured health narratives collected from peer-to-peer online communities
  • Assessing unmet information needs of women just diagnosed with breast cancer
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