COVID-19 Research

Dr. Lambert is conducting research on the experiences of COVID-19 survivors with long covid, a disease that occurs when someone gets COVID-19 but does not fully recover. She runs the Lambert Health Lab at IU, and is a member of the COVID-19 Research Collaborative (C-19RC) with colleagues at University of California Irving, Miami University, and the Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Lambert and her colleagues are working to characterize long covid by engaging directly with long covid patients and Survivor Corps, the world’s largest online community for covid survivors. They have identified over 100 long lasting covid symptoms as well as which symptoms cause the greatest health impacts according to long haulers. See a preprint of the symptom impact data here, as well as an early white paper characterizing long covid symptoms. The Survivor Corps website has a page highlighting some of the research they have conducted with Dr. Lambert.

Dr. Lambert’s COVID-19 Research in the News

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