Research, Engagement, and Communication Consulting for Organizations

Dr. Lambert provides consulting services to help organizations capture and analyze difficult-to-collect data about health and behavioral factors. A deep understanding of patients’ mental models for a health behavior is essential for making sure that all the factors that matter are included in a predictive model. Dr. Lambert collaborates with online health communities to recruit large cohorts of patients and to collect millions of health narratives. She also conducts focus groups, interviews, and manages data science teams to create machine-learning based models. If your organization is finding it difficult to predict your patients’ or customers’ behaviors, or need help integrating social or environmental factors into your model, Dr. Lambert would love to work with you.

Many organizations struggle to get their customers to read their emails or take advantage of their programs. Research-based strategic communication will make sure that messages you send are calibrated to the way your audience sees the world. Dr. Lambert has created communication strategies for difficult-to-motivate populations for over 17 years and engages with every type of audience from 117,000 members of an online health community to rural communities in the South to White House task forces. Dr. Lambert does every stage of research-based communications from assessing customers’ mental models of a problem to data collection, analysis, and then strategic communication products. She can also train your organizational members in best practices for communicating and collaborating with patient groups and the news media. 

To talk about research, engagement, and communications consulting that will meet your organization’s needs, email Dr. Lambert at

If you’d like to schedule a video meeting with Dr. Lambert, reserve a 20 minute time slot on her calendar. Please add the reason for the meeting in the comments section.

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