Health Coaching

Dr. Lambert has 17 years experience conducting research on human behavior change and is internationally recognized for her work uncovering the hidden factors that affect health. Dr. Lambert is also passionate about helping people live their lives the way they were meant to – by feeling health, happy, and connected to others.

Dr. Lambert has two approaches to helping people in their quest for wellness. First, she has learned from thousands of people who have already successfully changed their health behaviors through her health research. She understands the challenges people face when trying to exercise, lose weight, improve their confidence, manage a chronic illness, find better relationships, and figure out what career would make them the happiest. She also knows what change techniques really work for people facing challenges similar to your own.

Secondly, Dr. Lambert uses coaching techniques that are the most effective at helping people make healthy changes to their lives. She is a Martha Beck Wayfinder coach and uses tools developed by psychologists such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), as well as techniques from neuroscience behind that use thought work to help anyone make more positive decisions.

The world has dramatically changed over the past few years, and in her research Dr. Lambert has seen first hand how millions of people around the world are pausing to think about what really matters to them. People are realizing more than ever that they want to spend the precious time they have on Earth living lives that are happy and meaningful. Dr. Lambert helps people overcome the barriers they face to moving forward on their path to wellness, and she’d love to help you on your journey towards happiness and wellness.

To get in touch, send Dr. Lambert an email at .

If you’d like to schedule an introductory video meeting with Dr. Lambert, reserve a 20 minute time slot on her calendar. Please write a little about what you’d like to talk about in the comments section.

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