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Patient Engagement Online

A few months ago I gave a presentation where I shared best practices for recruiting and engaging with COVID-19 survivors on social media platforms. The audience said they found the topic helpful so I decided to turn the main points from the presentation into… Continue Reading “Patient Engagement Online”

COVID-19 Research Collaborative

I’m a member of the COVID-19 Research Collaborative (C-19RC), and I wanted to share the link to our website so anyone interested in participating in long covid research knows where to go to hear about our latest studies. You can find us at:… Continue Reading “COVID-19 Research Collaborative”

Mental Models Reveal Pivot points for behavior change

When I was in grad school studying health and behavior change, most of the research papers we read used models that measured people’s attitudes, beliefs, and behavioral intentions in order to try predict why some people do a behavior and others do not. However,… Continue Reading “Mental Models Reveal Pivot points for behavior change”